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Monday 23rd 2017f October 2017

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Hey everyone!
We hope that you are doing well.  :)  It's been a while since Scarborough, and things are getting busy again here in Lace land, so we wanted to let you know what we have been up to and what's coming up for the group in the near future.

The Lace has done a little traveling this fall- to the Minnesota Festival and down to TRF twice.  We weren't officially at either festival, but visiting was a blast.  Minnesota gave us some guest spots on stage and we also got to hang out with all our northern friends.  :)  At TRF, we sang in our old spot in front of the Pendragon costume booth- even though there's no longer a stage there.  ;)  Then, of course, we joined The Burly Minstrel, Jim Hancock, at his 2 o'clock show- how could we miss it?  Singing with him and the Bard O'Neill was certainly a major highlight of both trips.

Knocking the rust off our performances felt good- and we also were able to give our 2 new members a little more stage time and places to try out all the new music they've been learning.  (Remember Flora and Zemi?  WE introduced them Memorial Weekend at Scarborough and they are now full fledged members of the group- back row, of course.)

Coming up:
We have a coffee house show coming up November 22.  We will be at Dunn Brothers in Addison again.  8 pm.  We will be showcasing much of our modern music and some favorites from our faire music.  (AND a special surprise!)

Mistletoe and Other Stuff (the carolling group many of QAL participate in) is also gearing up.  We are not travelling to Dickens this year, but instead will be singing at a number of events in the DFW area.
Sunday, 11/30 on the square in McKinney at 4:30pm
Sunday, 12/7 at the corner of Franklin & College by the Courthouse in Waxahachie at 2:00pm
Sunday, 12/14: Candlelight Event at Dallas Heritage Village/Old City Park
It's likely that the members of QAL present wll step forward on occasion to sing a song or 2 separately at these events, but we will not have a separate show.

As always, we hope to see you soon and that you remain well unti we see you again.  If you wish not receive this email newsletter, please reply and put unsubscribe in the subject line.  You can contact the Lace via our website: http://www.qalace.com

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