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Queen Anne's Lace
Here are some places we perform !!!!
Scarborough Renaissance Festival

This spring festival outside of Dallas is our home faire. You will find us on The Brother’s Stage in Pecan Grove.
Fave Food: Victor’s Pasta Palace/Bakery

Texas Rennaisance Festival ( TRF )

TRF outside of Houston is like our second home. We’ve enjoyed performing here during the fall.
Fave Food: The variety (we couldn’t decide on just one)

Great Lakes Medieval Festival

A fun festival near Cleveland, we made new friends and reconnected with old ones. We also had the unique opportunity to play with other musicians and entertain patrons in a casual setting at the Feast Hall.
Fave Food: Ice Cream

Minnesota Renaissance Festival

Minnesota is one of our favorite festivals to visit. We’ve made so many friends, and they always make us feel welcome. They also aren’t afraid to pull us in to play on cast tricks.
Fave Food: Trollhouse cookies/milk

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

KC was our first home away from home. We made friends with lots of musicians, and love joining in on their pub sings. After all – “Hey it’s Queen Anne’s Lace…and they sing, too.”
Fave Food: Crêpes/Mmmm….Brian

Here are some of our friends sites !!!
3 Pints Gone Known around the country by their audiences’ cry of "You have CDs?" they play Celtic traditional-style folk songs. Their distinctive sound is full of high energy and harmony-rich arrangements. Bill is the one we hold personally responsible for the birth of "The All Chandler's Wife Show."
The Bard O'Neill Whether it's a rollicking tune about Bedlam or the intertwining harmonies on Both Sides the Tweed, we love sharing stage time with The Bard “Herself”.
Burly Minstrel Jim Hancock taught us how much pleasure can come from sharing a stage with other performers. We frequently trade off backing each other up.
Cantiga A group originating out of Plantersville near TRF, we enjoy listening to the beautiful and often complex music they make on their varied instruments.
Cast In Bronze We had the opportunity to take part in the debut performance of Frank’s new musical “The Bells.” It’s going to be spectacular.
Crimson Pirates This group from the Tuxedo Faire in NY has achieved the incredible – They have even more members then we do! We love their upbeat songs and show.
Don Juan and Miguel Some favorites from Scarborough, we enjoyed a small cameo appearance in their movie “The Lost Princess.”
East Wind Games We perform directly next to East Wind Games during Scarborough. When we're not on stage, you might see us in their yard or booth playing games.
Kellye Green Kellye is a good friend of ours that likes to photograph churches. You can see some of her work on our CD - QAL Sunday Morning.
Gypsy Dance Theatre Some of our favorite people to play with at TRF. Kira frequently stops by with an interpretive dance to help give our show a tropical feel.
Gypsy Guerrilla Band Jim and Joyce Lillquist play “Hit and Run Music” an exuberant mix of styles from baroque to reggae. Most often you will see them playing the hammered dulcimer and autoharp.
Hey Nunnie Nunnie We have had the delightful pleasure of sharing the Brother's Stage with Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena Claire for the past two years. Their daily “Counseling Sessions” help keep us doubled-over with laughter on the moral high road. Just remember – “God loves me more…”
Hildegard Hildegard is a friend of ours that sings Medieval chants. She has been know to help us repent when we're REALLY bad, and has stood in as our conscience when Gillian is not around.
The Jolly Rogers Our favorite KC Pirate group. Fun to ogle, laugh at and sing along with...They showed us how far away we were from the line, "Where's my lemon cookie?"
The Moor of Dundee Singing lullabies with Leza brings out our inner spiritual. We love sharing a stage, because her energy is unstoppable.
Jem Moore Jem is one of our favorite Hammered Dulcimer players. We like to sing Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring while he plays, the problem is we get so caught up listening to him…sometimes we forget to come in!
Motley Players III Poindexter, Bevis and Jack make up the Motley Players III. These boys will keep you entertained with “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare…UH-bridged!”
Pegasus News

Review by Rick Edmonds:

"Winged-horse symbolism aside, Pegasus has been a workman-like tortoise among splashier, high concept stand-alone sites, but it appears right now to be clicking on all cylinders ... The underpinnings of success are already there."

Rambling Sailors Rosie McCann and Joshua Jenkins are The Rambling Sailors. They sing Sea Chanteys & Salty Songs
The Rogues Innovative Bagpipe music we love to dance and listen to.
Sirens Song Some lovely ladies we met in Abilene; their original music uses folk-type lyrics and ranges from soft ballads to upbeat rock
Tourdion Chris and Adam are great musicians we met at the KC Faire. Friendly banter is what first caught our ears, but their clear love of the folk music they sing is evident at every show.
Tullamore Where Celtic tradition meets contemporary folk. Though based out of KC they can frequently be found playing in Dallas.
Wedding Mapper Wedding Mapper
The Well Tempered Dialect The Well Tempered Dialect is the indispensable guide for anyone who wants to learn to speak Renaissance English.

People Who Keep Us Looking Good
A Wardrobe in Time MaritaBeth keeps us looking sharp. She’s not afraid to tackle any costuming problem we bring her, and the solutions are always better than we had imagined.
Faire Pair Tights Ginger from Faire Pair Tights is where we get all our stockings, as well as our Medieval look.
Sapphire & Sage Renaissance Jewelry & Accessories and Tarot Consultations
Specializing in period portrait replication designs for Faires, SCA events, and weddings

Give our music a listen on Renradio.org
Renaissance Festival Music Podcast A weekly podcast that brings you the latest updates and plays music by bands performing at Renaissance Festivals throughout the country.
Queen Anne's Lace features in Renaissance Festival Podcast #19 from Nov 5-6, 2005
Freeworld Digital This is where we record all of our music. If you need a studio specializing in a cappella or small group recording, this is the place to go. Mobile recording also available.
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